Competency Testing for Security Officers and Crowd Controllers

Participant Requirements

Participants will be required Book an Appointment and then at the appointed time; present themselves to the SAIWA Security Testing Centre located at 36 Brisbane Street Perth. The following conditions and requirements must be adhered to before and during the test.

  • You must be on time – if you cannot be on time you will lose your allocated time for sitting the test and we will have to make another appointment for you. Please ensure you allow sufficient travel time to arrive at least five to ten minutes prior to your appointed time. (If for any reason you are unable to attend on time you must contact us on 94270872 to advise your situation.
  • You must bring:
    • Receipt of Payment for Testing
    • Certificate of Completion – (If Issued)
    • Photo Identification – As per required by WA Police Licensing
      • You must bring the proper photo identification – View Requirements Here
        • If you do not bring the proper identification you may have to obtain it before you sit the test, this may result in you having to re-appoint and could cause you inconvenience
          View Requirements Here
  • Your Photo ID will be scanned
  • You will be photographed
  • You will be required to leave your Mobile Devices at reception
  • There will be Monitored and Recorded CCTV Video Surveillance in the Testing Room
  • While sitting the test you cannot talk to anyone, refer to any paper or mobile devices.
  • You will be advised when the allotted time for the test has expired.
  • At which time you will be escorted from the testing computer

Number of Attempts

  • If a participant fails to pass Section 1 of the test, they are able to have another attempt at the full assessment after a minimum of 24 hours. This is included in their initial fee.
  • If a participant successfully completes Section 1 of the test but fails to pass Section 2, they are able to have another attempt at Section 2 only after a minimum of 24 hours. This is included in their initial fee.
  • If a participant fails either Section 1 or 2 of the test after two attempts, they must wait 1 month to attempt the test again. They will be required to pay the assessment fee again and will have to undertake both Section 1 & 2 regardless of their previous results.